games.load(new Game(‘popEmUp’));

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This is my take on an already existing game. dont know what the original name is. I saw it on an iPhone, and looked for it on the internet, but i could not find it. so i made my own.. just because i can!Ā  šŸ˜›

Rules are simple.

Setting: You will see 4 different colored balls – red, green blue and orange.

Interaction: This game is driven by mouse clicks.

Objective: Try to pop as many balls as possible. Balls can be popped only if 2 or more balls of the same color are adjacent to each other, either horizontally or vertically.

Scoring: Scoring is exponentially proportional to the number of balls that are popped at a time. This means popping more balls will give you exponentially higher score.

How to play: Click a ball. This will simply select all the balls that will be popped and show you the score you will get from that. The SelectedĀ  balls can be clicked again to pop them. You will see the score being added on the top right.

Misc: On the right of the game, you can see a leader board, which is the ranking of scores made by other people. you can submit your score after each game when the Submit button pops up.



this.load(new bs());

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ok.. so.. havent posted anything on chaSer lately.. havent worked on it anyways..

lotsĀ  to be done on chaSer. but before that is done, i need to build platforms for my games to run on. a common platform, which can launch games, manage UI,Ā  user accounts, leader boards etc.

the platform would stay the same for all these games, will be skinnable, theĀ  only thing that will change will be the content(that is the game).


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umm.. how to find weighted rating for levels??..

so figured out this.. with help of google ofcourse…

weighted rating(WR) =Ā  (v / (v+m)) * R + (m / (v+m)) * C

R = average for the levels(mean) = (Rating)
v = number of votes for the level= (votes)
m = minimum votes required to be listed in top 10(currently 5)
C = the mean vote across the levels

ummm. confusing.. maybe.. but will use it.

chaser.update( addFeatures(publicPortal) );

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the new Chaser


-per user accounts

-play campaigns

-public portal : public portal is the lists of levels uploaded and published by other users.

coming soon

-rating system

-ranking system

click here to test

gridDrawer.update( addFeatures(publishLevel, unPublishLevel) );

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the new gridDrawer


-per user accounts

-publish upto 5 levels to the public portal

-unpublish not required levels

coming soon

-rating system

-ranking system

click here to test


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sooooooooooo…. new things going on on gridDrawer!!! CHECK IT OUT HERE!


– to have a level list maintained per user, in a private account area.

– Publish levels : to have the ability to upload only the selected levels from the private to the public portal, so as to Publish it.


– users can create and maintain a personal level list. this list will be private.

coming soon: the publishing feature

hope u guys remember the user names and IDs that u created to play the chaser.if not, u can create new ones in the gridDrawer!! yay!


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ok.. changes and updates…

the new Version : PLAY THE GAME

changes on User Management

1- campaign modes

2- user login/sign up

3- campaign progress saving per user

Mechanic Changes

1- users are not given obstacles at the beginning. the pick able blocks on the level act as ammo for obstacles.

2- when next to a black box, point towards it. the color will change, when that happens, the block can be picked by pressing Space!

3- to place a blocking obstacle, press A

4- to place a portal exit, press W, and to place a portal entry, press ‘S’ key.

5- game can not be won if you have any blocks on you..